The day begins at dawn at “La Casalinga” laboratory; everyday you will see the pasta being made: breaking the eggs, adding water, flour and a pinch of salt. Once rolled out, the dough is ready to be transformed into all the different shapes of long and short pasta, cappelletti and ravioli with various fillings and oven-baked cannelloni and lasagna.

Thanks to the bronze drawing process, pasta becomes even more porous allowing it to absorb more sauce making every dish a triumph of Italian taste. La Casalinga makes a rich variety of Traditional Italian pasta using only the best ingredients and the highest standards of a mix of traditional and modern production to satisfy every palates, even the most demanding customers

The deep-frozen process

(is) the best storage method for food This method of food preservation, allows to reach the heart of the product at -18 ° C in an exceptionally limited time between 3 and 40 minutes. Due to the rapidity of the process the water contained in food, freezes to form very small ice crystals which does not alter the ingredients properties. At the time of consumption, the product is perfectly intact in flavor and has kept all its nutritional values …

Whereas freezing

however, is the process of household type cold preservation, that allows to keep food at temperatures between -18 ° C and 25 ° C, but in a less rapid time.
Due to the slowness of this process, you cannot block 100% of the bacteria enzymes that are in foods causing a slow deterioration of the original product,