La Casalinga


La Casalinga “La Casalinga” is a family run business that has always produced traditional Italian frozen fresh pasta. The story begins when Sauro and Mirella opened a small artisanal workshop in Fano (a village in the Center of Italy) and with love and commitment they transformed it into a company well known and esteemed nationwide.

Its growth over time was accompanied by a technological evolution of the frozen sector, and above all a conscious way of working maintaining the homemade Italian values.

Mr and Mrs Bertulli transmitted the art of making Pasta to their children, Virginia and Giovanni, who help them to carry on the tradition by adding to the house professionalism a lively attention to innovation and the study of new forms.
Because pasta is only made of flour, water, eggs and salt. Ingredients that with knowledge, love and care turn into the dish that you can find every day on your table.


– The UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 certification specifies the requirements that a Quality Management System must have to satisfy consumers and all parties involved in the production and maketing process.

– The HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Point) method guarantees 360° consumer protection, a self-control hygiene system that assesses the risks associated with the safety of products and processes thereby allowing suitable verification measures.

– CE stamp a health authorization that allows the free circulation of foods of animal origin (meat, milk, eggs and their derivatives) between the countries of the European Union, pursuant to EC Regulation 853/2004.