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Traditional Italian Stuffed Pasta

The heart is the filling.
A simple mix full of love.


A Piemonte region specialty that has conquered Italy and the whole world.
For those who love mountain flavors.

Cannelloni with meat

Good and exciting. A dream for all the Family.
For those who like to remember the tradition of italian flavors.


Rich and tasty, meat stuffed. The tradition of Emilia Romagna dishes that always wins. For those who love the traditional flavors of home.

Green Agnolotti

with the addition of spinach.
For those who love the mountain flavors.

Green ravioli

Exquisite and sophisticated with the addition of spinach mixture. For those who really enjoy cooking a good looking dish of Traditional Italian Pasta

Handmade cappelletti

Fine and tasty. A triumph of taste.
For those who like the traditional specialty of Emilia Romagna.


Tasty and delicious. A unique taste to be discover at least once in life…and then declined in a thousand versions. Very Italian.

Ravioli with artichokes filling

Sophisticated and delicious. The tradition of Ravioli in an artichokes variant not to miss. For those who really enjoy cooking.

Ravioli with truffles filling

Highly precious and sophisticated. A rich captivating taste to enhance the amazing flavors of the Italian cuisine.For those who really enjoy cooking at home as the best restaurant in the world.

Red agnolotti

With the addition of tomato.
For those who love mountain flavors.

Sunflowers with fish filling

Sophisticated and delicious. Stuffed with cod and redfish. For those who really enjoy cooking a fish dish at home.

Swallows' nests

Characteristic and highly effective for special occasions. For those who love pasta to be protagonist on the table.

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