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la casalinga pasta fresca surgelata pappardelle

Typical rough and homemade type of pasta. Born in Tuscany, nowadays Pappardelle have captured all the palates around the world

la casalinga pasta fresca surgelata pappardelle

data sheet

Ingredients: Raw material, Durum wheat flour, Soft wheat flour 00, origin italian, egg
Product description:Produced to bake in water
Weight:3kg carton and 5kg carton
Storage temperature: -18°C
Shelf life: 1 year
Packaging:Variable weight (250g. 300g. 500g.)
Cooking methods Cook the product without defrosting
Cooking Time 5 minutes
Label:As per Italian laws


Packaging per carton: Various
Layers in pallet: 10
Cartons per pallet: 100
Total pallet height: 185 cm
Type of pallet Europallet 80 x 120 x 150
Kg per carton 3 - 5

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